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I had a blast riding a BMX Supercross track for the first time since the World Championships in New Zealand of 2013. After a while, it was kind of hard to get used to the hill in one practice session. Luckily, towards the end of the 40 minute practice I was figuring out the kink again, and felt comfortable. USA BMX didn't want the amateurs to hit the berm jump, so we had to go left out of the first turn. 

I didn't lose a lap all day, and it felt great to execute in the main event and take home a win. This was my first Am SX race, but I plan on racing every Am Supercross Open next year. 

Overall the weekend was a blast. I raced up on the Amateur track sat-sunday, and battled for the Gold Cup #1 plate. Unfortunately I lost the lead in the second turn Sunday, costing me the number #1 plate, but earning myself the Gold Cup #2 plate. I look forward to racing more AM SX races next year, and hope USA BMX can give us, amateurs, a title for the series! 

Barry Nobles vs Daniel Franks Whip Contest

I've been noticing Barry Nobles and Daniel Franks argue on which foot is better to whip with on instagram for a while now. It looks like they decided to end the debate over a facebook video. 

I personally know that Barry and Daniel whip better than 99% of BMXers on the planet, but I do like Barry's. Daniel Franks sold his story pretty well on the "moto whip", but Barry let his riding do the talking. 

Overall they are both amazing whips, and I may be bias because Barry uses my numberplate designs, but I'm going to have to go with #FrontFootWhip

Derek Betcher picture of Barry whipping

Derek Betcher picture of Barry whipping

What do you think?

Whip Vs Whip!

Alright everyone!! @DanielFranks22 and I need you guys to get involved!!! Check out this WHIP VIDEO and tell us what whip style you have!! #FrontFootOut vs #BackFootOut Watch the Video for more details!! Let us know!! don't forget the hashtags!! #FrontFootOut or #BackFootOut

Posted by Barry Nobles on Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Bryce Betts Designs WORLD CHAMPIONS (number plates)

Watching the worlds was impossible while i was at Chico for a national, but I did watch the replay on and could not be happier! 

With Niek Kimmannn winning the Elite Men category in Zolder, Belgium, and Stefany Hernandez winning the Elite Women's category, I had to quickly make room for two new BMX racing plate designs.

It was a lot of fun designing w1 plates and I can't wait to see them in person.

Had you told me two years ago that through graphic design I would be working on two elite world champions plates in one year I wouldn't have believed you! 

Congrats to Niek Kimmannn as well as Stefany Hernandez!

*note - Stefany wants to continue to use her 469 number while carrying the rainbow stripes. I just was too pumped on the w1 plate to not share!*

*note - Stefany wants to continue to use her 469 number while carrying the rainbow stripes. I just was too pumped on the w1 plate to not share!*

  In case you missed the race action, be sure to watch both of their helmet cam views of their wins. 

33,4 sec to "Gold" .... join Niek Kimmann on his run in Zolder .... "No way, I'm leading the World Championships final!" That's what went through Niek Kimmann's mind as he came out of turn two where leader Sam Willoughby (AUS) hit the tarmac as he tried to hold off the Dutchman....

Also as bonus for Niek, I designed some stickers for him to hand out to local kids. Pretty pumped on how his "logo" design came out.

Speedco Velox Carbon

I've always been interested in riders entering the BMX racing industry after their career. Someone who has done that perfectly, is Derek Betcher. Derek went from being a AA pro, straight into working for Haro. He developed some products that saw success under the HARO and CLIQ brands. 

DB44 has since left Haro, and is now under speedco. I've been lucky enough to do the entire speedco numberplates. Unfortunately I did not get the opportunity to design the production Speedco frames, but I did do a concept. This was really an exploration of talent. I really enjoyed making this, let me know what you think!

Freewheel Project Van Wrap

I've been working on designing the Freewheel Project's van wrap for a while now. After mocking it up numerous times, I've became very familiar with the design. But nothing compares to seeing it in person!

Thankful for this opportunity to design the van wrap for the non-profit that was one of my first logos. My design abilities have grown as the organization has expanded. It has been awesome to work along side them with a multitude of projects, as well as volunteer work. Can't wait to see this at the BMX track, and skateparks in the Fresno area.

July 4th weekend

Can't believe how fast this year is going by! It is already July 4th weekend. 

In honor of 4th of July, America, and everything else that goes along with this weekend, I wanted to do a fun little project. 

I spent some time away from my other graphic design projects and decided to design a mock of how I'd make the 2016 U.S. olympic gear for BMX. 

I wanted it to be simple, bold, recognizable, and obviously, redwhite&blue. Overall I'm really happy with it, and had fun designing a helmet, pants, and gloves to match the jersey. 

It's definitely cool to see an entire kit together, and I really hope that I can one day design some gear to be worn in the Olympics. 

*Side note* I sent this off to USA cycling and they liked it and are forwarding it on. Never hurts to ask!

Please leave me some feedback on my social media accounts about what you think of this gear. 

New Business Cards

I'm currently working on 3 business card projects, and while researching premium printers I came across this interesting process. Through these cards I was able to have 100% clear cards wherever I want. 

I wanted to test this, and took full advantage by making my own card.I couldn't be happier with the finished product. 

I was able to make the back of the design 100% clear, and the bike parts in the backdrop are 50% white, 50% clear. 

I wanted to design a graphic that was clean, but still showed my style, and that I come from the BMX industry.

With that being said, want to trade cards? ;)


Freewheel Project Road Jersey

Well, school is over now and I have much more time to do some fun projects. I'm currently working on a few cool things, but the Freewheel Project always has a soft spot for me. Being the graphic designer for the FWP since its inception, it is always a pleasure to do new things for them.

A while back I designed a concept of a FWP road jersey. It took us a while to find the correct jersey manufacture for the graphic design, but we finally found it. Jackaroo is a cool company that allows you to design your own jerseys, and they create a 3d model of it, and store for everyone to order! I definitely would love to see a company like this do motocross/bicycle motocross jerseys. 

It is always fun to see/learn how different companies design templates work. For me I definitely learned quite a bit about how the bib was set up. But overall I love how the design came out, and I can't wait to ride it in person! Look for Tony to wear this bold kit on a 100 mile charity ride next month. 


It's All BS! by Dr. Jason Richardson

I remember at Interbike 2014 Jason Richardson approached me and told me about the book he was starting. Originally we just spoke about the book as friends. This quickly progressed to him shared some rough drafts with me, asking for my input. which eventually lead to myself doing 11 illustrations within the book, and having full design control of the cover.


I'm really happy with how the whole presentation came out, and I'm thankful to @RealDrJRich for the opportunity.

Check out some of my favorite graphics below, and look for the the book to be available soon at, amazon books, and itunes. 

If you would have told me a year ago my name would be on the name of the cover for graphic design, I would have not believed you. This journey is fun and I'm enjoying it.