Barry Nobles vs Daniel Franks Whip Contest

I've been noticing Barry Nobles and Daniel Franks argue on which foot is better to whip with on instagram for a while now. It looks like they decided to end the debate over a facebook video. 

I personally know that Barry and Daniel whip better than 99% of BMXers on the planet, but I do like Barry's. Daniel Franks sold his story pretty well on the "moto whip", but Barry let his riding do the talking. 

Overall they are both amazing whips, and I may be bias because Barry uses my numberplate designs, but I'm going to have to go with #FrontFootWhip

Derek Betcher picture of Barry whipping

Derek Betcher picture of Barry whipping

What do you think?

Whip Vs Whip!

Alright everyone!! @DanielFranks22 and I need you guys to get involved!!! Check out this WHIP VIDEO and tell us what whip style you have!! #FrontFootOut vs #BackFootOut Watch the Video for more details!! Let us know!! don't forget the hashtags!! #FrontFootOut or #BackFootOut

Posted by Barry Nobles on Wednesday, August 12, 2015