Freewheel Project Road Jersey

Well, school is over now and I have much more time to do some fun projects. I'm currently working on a few cool things, but the Freewheel Project always has a soft spot for me. Being the graphic designer for the FWP since its inception, it is always a pleasure to do new things for them.

A while back I designed a concept of a FWP road jersey. It took us a while to find the correct jersey manufacture for the graphic design, but we finally found it. Jackaroo is a cool company that allows you to design your own jerseys, and they create a 3d model of it, and store for everyone to order! I definitely would love to see a company like this do motocross/bicycle motocross jerseys. 

It is always fun to see/learn how different companies design templates work. For me I definitely learned quite a bit about how the bib was set up. But overall I love how the design came out, and I can't wait to ride it in person! Look for Tony to wear this bold kit on a 100 mile charity ride next month.