Bryce’s enthusiasm for my work was the most impressive and best part about having him create the cover and graphics for my first book. There is no doubt he will become one of the most preeminent and sought after designers in the action sports space before he is 30! 

Jason Richardson, Psy.D., MBA, Author of It's All BS Book


Bryce is young, pasionate, and at the forefront of modern design. I've watched him create cutting edge designs in just about every realm of work you can think of. 

Tony Hoffman, Executive Director of Freewheel Project


For more than a year, every time I have given Bryce an assignment, he has delivered on or before deadline. 

He is agile, and has an eager and quick learner. Most importantly, not only does he deliver what is asked, he looks for ways to enhance the project, even if it means a bit more work on his part. He communicates his ideas on these enhancements, and understands if we want it strict-to-scope. But I like the OPTION of going beyond. 

Mike Carruth, Editor


Proper branding is imperative and Bryce has successfully delivered new marketing campaigns to us over the past year. Knowing that this was a new market segment for Bryce, he has taken on my projects and has delivered design concepts, publications and advertising campaigns that are creative, timely and accurate. He acts like a partner, not a vendor. His input and suggestions has enhanced our marketing concepts and his ability to work within our hectic  turnaround deadlines have been indispensable to me and my organization. I will not hesitate to use him again and I can with no doubt recommend Bryce for all your design needs.

Linda Duran, Marketing Manager at CertifiedSafety


Bryce is a talented graphic designer. My team enjoys the jerseys and number plates he designs for us each year. Bryce is great with kids and loves coaching them. Above all he is professional and a great individual. 

Robert Riofrio, Team Manager RLR&CO