Plates in the UK!

The season is just starting in the UK, and I'm stoked to have two teams over there running my BMX numberplate designs. It's crazy to think graphic design has given me the opportunity to design for people all around the world.

Custom Factory DK UK BOX number plate inserts

Custom Factory Stay Strong Maikun Number plate inserts

Phoenix Plate Factory

It may be called "Bryce Betts Designs", but it wouldn't be possible without various friends! Pictured is Landon Sellers, Alfredo Campo, Shelly Crain, and @BulldogBaylee helping me with with plate production in Phoenix, Arizona. 

New Drake Mix Tape

I'm not a fan of Drakes Mixtape, but I thought this was a funny pop culture reference. 


It's always good to have some fun with graphic design.

Happy Valentines Day!

ABOVE: Comedic Valentines E-Card featuring Austin Hiatt, Valentines themed flyer for Brooke Crain. Custom Valentines BMX Numberplate for Cupid. 

2/2/15 - 2/8/15

What a week! Between designing 120 number plates, training, working on my website and being a full-time student, it was an action packed yet uneventful 7 days. 

I started out monday heading to fresno after a quick gym session. I didn't really have time for this, but I was excited as I was headed to see Chris Herren speak about his NBA career, and past struggles with substance abuse. 

PIC: Fresno Bee

PIC: Fresno Bee

Although I personally have never struggled with any substance abuse, it was great to hear the stories from Chris to keep me on track. 

My favorite part of his speech was definitely when he talked about signing autographs as a Celtic, when his coach asked him if he'd want kids to look up to him. And why he is signing their memorabilia. 

He continued with asking the audience if they would want kids to look up to them. That is something that stuck with me, as I would never want to be a bad influence to the kids I meet in BMX. If you want to learn more about Chris Herren you can watch his ESPN documentary "Unguarded" here

Austin and I headed to Vegas late last year

Austin and I headed to Vegas late last year

To add to the festivities in Fresno, it was also Austin Hiatt's birthday. Him, Derek Stafford, Rob Riofrio, and I all met up and had a nice dinner at a local brewery after the event at Buchanan High School with Chris. Although Austin turned 21, the only thing we consumed there were burgers and an amazing chocholate chip cookie pie. 

My laptop does more than design number plates

My laptop does more than design number plates

After dinner with Austin and giving him an awesome ipad case as seen here I headed straight home to arrive at 12:30am to get ready for my 8am speech class. Tuesday-Thursday I basically am in class all day, but I have really been enjoying it so far. This is my first college semester where I am completely full time, and although its a little extra work, I think I am managing it well.

Damon putting in his last  sprint

Damon putting in his last  sprint

In between designing over 100 plates on the weekend, I went over to a rider i train, Damon Miller's house to help him with his science fair project. We are using freelap  timers to test different gears, and figure out which gear is best for him. I'm pretty sure all BMXers manage to make school projects about BMX whenever possible, so it was cool to see this hasn't changed since I was in 4th grade. 

Tesla Road in Livermore CA

Tesla Road in Livermore CA

The tracks are still wet here so I went on a nice road ride through livermore.

I broke my regular routine of watching supercross on saturday night, as i went to downtown San Jose with my girlfriend and Ian. We met at San Pedro Square market which was pretty sweet, they had live music, and inside it was basically an authentic food court, with tons of options from great local companies.